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This organization seeks to tackle each of the problems one issue at a time through collective efforts from each and every Sierra Leonean in the Diaspora as well as those at home. The two main objectives on our list currently are to clean the city and embark on agriculture, which will make food as cheap as possible, so that no one in that country goes to bed hungry. These avenues will further create jobs for many, especially the youth, getting them out of the streets.

We seek to accomplish these objectives by bringing waste trucks to the country and also populate every street and corner of Freetown with dumpsters where people will put their rubbish before the trucks come to pick them up. We will also engage people in helping to clean our streets and communities as well as getting the government involve in passing policies that will get everyone to cooperate with the cleaning initiative.

In terms of agriculture, we are looking at building big poultries, so our people will never again have to go through trash to get expired chicken as was shown by a YouTube video. We are also looking at planting various crops, including rice, in different parts of the country especially the rural areas which will help in decongesting the city.

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