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We are Calling on your to help us change Sierra Leone


This Organization is not in any shape or form a political movement. It comprises of a team of Sierra Leoneans who realize that our people need us. The blood of the nearly 3,500 Ebola victims are crying for help, the voices of the poor women and children calling for our help too and the youths are also calling out for our help. And we as a group are responding to that call with one voice, one mission, solidarity, unity and love, not for any personal gain but purely out of love for our people.

This organization is not about enriching ourselves. It’s not about money making. It’s about feeling the way the poor people feel each day of their lives. It’s about bringing healing to the wounded souls of our people, building our communities, transforming our nation and making Sierra Leone a better place for all.

We also realized that when we come to the end of our lives, it’s not about the mansions that we build or the fat accounts that we have. But it’s about the lives that we blessed the lives that we touched, the lives that we transformed and hope that we bring to people who will find a reason to be hopeful each day of their lives. And we believe that with our joint efforts we will move Sierra Leone forward, making it a better place for all.

We are putting the love of the country above our religious, tribal, and political affiliations in order to move the country forward. We realized that these differences will not help us build a better Sierra Leone. Rather, it is our gifts, talents, skills, professions, field of study that will bring progress to the nation. No skill or profession is too small for this journey; each and every one of them is very meaningful.

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