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I (Isata Sangarie) started this organization after my visit to Sierra Leone in November of 2016, having been away for almost 20 years. I was not pleased with the conditions of the country and therefore, realized that to develop Sierra Leone takes a collective effort from every one of us.

Sierra Leone has been through a lot of atrocities: from the civil war that killed thousands of people and left many amputated and displaced to the struggle of survival, people barely getting their daily bread, to the fights over land ownership. Then, came the Ebola epidemic which further killed more people, left many devastated, left many hearts wounded that will take a life time to heal and left many children orphans.

Sanitation is a big issue in the country, as well as many other issues, like poverty, poor education, poor health care systems, poor roads and many more. Indeed our people are living in deep poverty when Sierra Leone could be one of the richest nations on earth but yet the poorest. Our people are really suffering.

Upon my return, I reached out to some Sierra Leoneans to help me in prayer and fasting for seven days asking the Lord what he would want us to do for our nation. He asked me to call on at least 1,000 Sierra Leoneans, in the diaspora, from all across the world to join me in rebuilding our nation.

As I challenged them to ask themselves what they are doing for their country instead of asking what the country is doing for them, one by one they started answering to this call, joining the team from all works of life, and from all across the world,nto make Sierra Leone a better place for all.

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