Our Founder

The Association was founded in March of 2017, by Isata Sangarie-Jalloh, an interested Sierra Leonean-American, who was moved to make a difference after observing the all too many deplorable substandard conditions during a visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 2016 with her husband and three children.

Isata's ideology is motivated by John F Kennedy's challenge: "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.""

And on this basis, she inspires Sierra Leoneans, to become better citizens by taking up responsibilities to build their communities one block at a time rather than depending on the government to do it all. Mrs. Sangarie-Jalloh, a registered nurse, was a research and development associate at Medimmune, now AstraZeneca, and then at Qiagen, Inc.

She earned a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from the University of MD, College Park, August 2005 and a Bachelor of Nursing from Marymount University, Virginia, USA in May of 2014. Energetic and exuberant, Isata draws strength from her Christian faith; she enjoys helping people and always has a happy smile!

How you can help

NASLID is soliciting support from the Government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, development partners, and other well-wishers. NASLID needs a wide range of support: monetary, building materials, learning equipment/materials/reagents, exper-tise, and general goodwill to help make its vision a success. Additionally, members of the Sierra Leonean Diaspora from all around the world are welcome to join NASLID in its initiatives.


Meet The Board

Meet The Board